As the Irish Refugee Council, we act as the national focal point for the Separated Children in Europe Programme (SCEP). A powerful European Network that includes more than 30 organisations, SCEP acts as a key platform in the protection and promotion of the rights of separated children. SCEP seeks to improve the situation of separated children through research, a shared policy and advocacy at national and regional levels on key priority areas including assessment, guardianship systems, return and trafficking. 

The rights of all separated children entering or travelling across Europe will be realised; in particular, they will be protected, their well-being and development will be promoted; they will have opportunities to develop their full potential and they will participate in a meaningful way in the development of policies and practices that impact upon their lives.

We believe that every separated child in Europe should:
  • Feel safe, secure and loved, be listened to and have a responsible guardian to turn to
  • Receive accurate advice, appropriate guidance and support throughout their time in the receiving country
  • Be seen as a child first and foremost rather than simply a migrant or criminal subject to administrative and immigration control
  • Be seen as a unique individual
  • Be listened to and be involved in the design of procedures and services addressing their needs.
  • Have their experiences acknowledged and validated.
  • Have opportunities to achieve their full potential.
  • Have their full range of needs, i.e. welfare, social, emotional and developmental addressed in relation to each other and not in isolation.