The Irish Refugee Council is a committed member of the Irish Network Against Racism (INAR) a national network of over 100 organisations working collectively to highlight and address racism in Ireland through the promotion of Irish, EU and global trends and anti-racist initiatives, such as

One such initiative is the iReport which allows people, communities and organisation in Ireland to confidentially report incidences of everyday racism nationwide. If you have experienced, witnessed or heard about a racist incident in Ireland there is something you can do about it.

Report Racism Here

By reporting the incident you will help the INAR to:
  1. Understand how often racist incidents occur in Ireland.
  2. Understand in greater detail who is experiencing racism in Ireland.
  3. Understand more about different kinds of racism in Ireland.
  4. In some cases, if you are willing, take action against the people responsible.
  5. Devise effective local strategies for combating racism.
  6. Feed into an evidence base for stronger anti-racist policies at a national level.

The reports you send INAR Ireland are fully confidential. With your permission, they may contact you for further details about your report to help them further understand the nature and context of the incident. INAR will never hand over information unless compelled to do so by the law.

Download 2019 iReport of Racism in Ireland