We work with refugees and people seeking protection in Ireland. To break that down, we work with men, women and children who had to flee their home country, as it is no longer safe for them to be there. The most visible example of this is people feeling war or conflict. However, we also work with people who face persecution that is often less visible or spoken about. People who have experienced torture, death threats and violence because of aspects of their identity or their actions – persecution based on their sexual identity, their religious beliefs, their political stance, for protesting, for being female, for being a ethnic minority.

Unrestricted funds give us independence and autonomy in fighting for changes that will have a positive impact on a diverse community of people with a lot of offer Irish society.  

 By supporting our work, you are helping to:

  • Keep families together
  • Support LGBT rights
  • Protect women
  • Safeguard children’s rights
  • Tackle homelessness
  • End Direct Provision
  • Advocate for education access
  • Search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean
  • Grow the movement for an inclusive EU that safeguards rights and dignity