This video gives an overview of social welfare entitlements for international protection applicants in Ireland:

The Daily Expenses Allowance (DEA)

International Protection applicants living in IPAS accommodation are entitled to a weekly payment called the Daily Expenses Allowance (DEA).

Adults are entitled 38.80 per week

Children are entitled to €28.80 per week

You can download the application form here and submit it to your local Intreo Centre (social welfare office). 

If you are working and earning over €125 a week for 12 weeks or more, your DEA payment may be reduced.

Homeless DEA

If IPAS did not offer you accommodation on arrival and you are still waiting for accommodation, you are entitled to a higher rate of DEA: €113 per week.

Once you are accommodated, your DEA will be reduced to the normal rate. 

If you are homeless, please read here for more information. 

Additional Needs Payment (ANP)

Anyone can apply for an ANP if they have an essential need that they cannot afford.

The application could be approved or rejected.

To apply, you must complete a Supplementary Welfare Allowance form and submit it to your local Intreo Centre. Please provide as much detail as possible as to why the money is needed, along with receipts or evidence if possible.

This will help the deciding officer make a fair decision.  

Clothing Allowance 

International Protection applicants will usually receive a payment of 100 euro for clothing twice per year.

The Community Welfare Service (past of Intreo) which is responsible for your DEA can provide you with more information on this payment.

Back to School Clothing and Footwear Allowance 

This payment can help with the cost of uniforms and footwear for children going to school.

International Protection applicants may qualify for this payment depending on the age of their children and their income. 

If you do not receive this payment automatically, the closing date for applications is usually the end of September.

Working Family Payment 

International protection applicants who are working you may qualify for the Working Family Payment, depending on their income. This is a weekly tax-free payment available to employees with children. 

What happens when I receive my Stamp 4 status?

Once you are granted Stamp 4 status and register your immigration permission, you have the same social welfare entitlements as an Irish citizen. 

You are no longer entitled to the DEA.

If you need financial assistance from the State, you should apply for a social welfare payment, relevant to your circumstances as soon as possible. For example: jobseekers allowance, disability allowance, back to education allowance etc.

You should do this as soon as possible because Intreo may cancel your DEA quickly after you receive your status.

Please attend your local Intreo Centre to find out more.