We believe in people and their right to protection

Our Purpose 

We provide services and support for people seeking protection and people recognised as refugees in Ireland and advocate for humane and dignified protection procedures and responses to people fleeing persecution. 

We work with people who have to flee their home country, as it is no longer safe for them to be there. The most visible example of this is people fleeing war or conflict. However, persecution is not always born of war or conflict.

We also work with people who face persecution that is less visible. People who have experienced torture, death threats, and violence because of aspects of their identity or their actions – persecution based on their sexual identity, their religious beliefs, their political stance, for protesting, for being female or for being an ethnic minority.

Our Vision

A fair and inclusive society for people seeking international protection. We believe that every person has a legal right to claim asylum and to have their application considered in a fair and transparent manner, in accordance with the 1951 Convention relating to the status of refugees.

Our Mission

Promote and protect the rights of people seeking protection and those recognised as refugees in Ireland. 

Our Priorities

  • Deliver high quality support and advice to people in the protection process and people who have been granted status
  • Provide holistic integration supports from the day a person arrives in Ireland
  • Support and protect children and young people in the protection process
  • Raise public and political awareness and advocacy
  • Evidence based research and policy
  • Pilot best practice models
  • Build capacity among key actors to bring about positive changes in practice and policy

Our Values


To work tirelessly and fearlessly to fulfill our charitable mandate to assist people seeking asylum in Ireland and bring about change to improve their lives.

Human Rights

The international human rights law framework, and the fundamental right to claim asylum, is at the core of our work.


We strive to be inclusive and representative of people in the asylum process and to ensure that their voice is prioritised and amplified at all times.


We will be experts in asylum law, policy and practice in order to ensure the best services and policy outputs.


We work together with other organisations, activists and individuals for the best interests of people seeking protection.