The following note gives information to people fleeing Ukraine after the Russian invasion. The note tries to answer questions that people may have.

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Ukrainians who fled Ukraine on or after the 24 February are now entitled to Temporary Protection. You can register under Temporary Protection and apply for Government supports, such as PPS number and social welfare payment, at the dedicated Ukraine Support Centres:

  • Citywest Convention Centre, Garter Lane, Saggart, County Dublin, D24 A38Y
  • Cork - Cork City PSC and PPSN Centre, Department of Social Protection, Hanover Street, Cork, T12 PX62 (021) 480 6800
  • Limerick - Dominick Street, Limerick, V94 X327

Download our factsheet on Temporary Protection in Ukrainian/український.

Urgent update relating to accommodation:

On October 21st 2022, the Irish Government stated that it cannot guarantee it will be able to provide temporary accommodation to all people fleeing the war in Ukraine by next week. The Irish State is currently accommodating 42,000 Ukrainians however, due to a serious housing crisis, it is struggling to source accommodation to house new arrivals. We understand that the Government aims to prioritise housing vulnerable people first, this should include women and minors. 

If you come to Ireland and the Government is not in a position to provide you with temporary accommodation, you will likely become street homeless for a period of time. 

Ukrainians have the right to rent private accommodation in Ireland. However due to the housing crisis and lack of accommodation in the private rental market, very few have been in a position to do this.  

We will update this page with new information as the situation develops.

Irish Government information: 

Please read the Government's own frequently asked questions (updated 21 March)

Please read the Government's information on what income supports you can get while you are in Ireland and how to get these supports and services (7 March)

Quick Questions: 

  • I am Ukrainian, do I need a visa to enter Ireland? No.
  • I don't have a passport or it is out of date? The Irish government have told airlines to accept Government issued identity documents, not usually acceptable for international travel, in lieu of a national passport: including, for example, National ID Cards, Birth Certificates, Internal Passports and expired passports.
  • What will be my status when I arrive? You will receive temporary protection. 
  • I was a refugee in Ukraine, what is my status? You will also receive temporary protection.
  • I was a long term resident with permanent residence in Ukraine, what is my status? You will also receive temporary protection, if you cannot return to your country of origin.
  • What is temporary protection? The right stay in Ireland or another European Union country for at least a year and you can work, receive social welfare, healthcare, education, training. 
  • How do I register for Temporary Protection? You can do this at Ukraine support Hub in Dublin, Cork or Limerick.
  • Will I receive accommodation? Up until October 21st 2022, all temporary protection holders in Ireland were provided with temporary accommodation, where necessary. Moving forward, the Government have stated that they cannot guarantee this due to a lack of available housing. You can also stay with family and friends if you wish.
  • Do I need to quarantine when I arrive or a have a PCR test? No. 
  • Can I move to another European country after I arrive in Ireland and receive temporary protection? Yes, you can register under Temporary Protection in another EU country, however first you must cancel your protection in Ireland. 
  • Will my passport be taken from me when apply for temporary protection? No. 

How can I get information and advice?

Please contact our Ukraine language helpline and webchat service. Find more information here.

Email us here

I am Ukrainian, do I need a visa to travel to Ireland?

On the 25 February the Irish government waived the requirement that Ukrainian people need a visa to travel to Ireland.

This statement is available here.

What if I have lived in Ukraine but am not Ukrainian?

The visa waiver only applies to Ukrainian nationals. 

If you were living in Ukraine, and you are not a Ukrainian national and from a visa-required country, you may need to apply for a visa online through the Department of Justice. Details are available here. 

You are eligible for temporary protection if you are the family member (e.g spouse and minor child) of a Ukrainian national, a refugee or a stateless person in Ukraine. The family should have already been present and residing in Ukraine before 24 February 2022. Long-term residents, who cannot safely return to their country of origin​ are also eligible for temporary protection, 

How do I apply for asylum in Ireland?

You can apply for international protection in Ireland. As stated below, we recommend that you get legal advice before applying for protection. It may not be necessary to apply for international protection as you will be entitled to temporary protection.  

My family cannot leave Ukraine, what should I do?

We understand that the Ukrainian government have stated that men cannot leave Ukraine due to the need to fight. We recommend you check Ukrainian news sources for more information on this.

Ukrainians are now entitled to temporary protection 

Temporary protection is an exceptional measure to provide immediate and temporary protection to displaced persons from non-EU countries and those unable to return to their country of origin. It applies when there is a risk that the standard asylum system is struggling to cope with demand stemming from a mass influx risking a negative impact on the processing of claims.

The European Union have invoked this Directive. 

Temporary protection gives you immediate right of access to work, housing, social welfare, healthcare, education, training and other supports. 

Who does temporary protection apply to?

  1. Ukrainian nationals residing in Ukraine before 24 February 2022;

  2. stateless persons, and nationals of third countries other than Ukraine, who benefited from international protection or equivalent national protection in Ukraine before 24 February 2022; and, 

  3. family members of the persons referred to in points (1) and (2). Family members are defined as: the spouse of a person, or the unmarried partner in a stable relationship, the minor unmarried children, or of his or her spouse, without distinction as to whether they were born in or out wedlock or adopted; and other close relatives who lived together as part of the family unit at the time of the circumstances surrounding the mass influx of displaced persons, and who were wholly or mainly dependent on a person referred to in paragraph 1, point (a) or (b) at the time.

  4. Stateless persons, and nationals of third countries other than Ukraine, who can prove that they were legally residing in Ukraine before 24 February 2022 on the basis of a valid permanent residence permit issued in accordance with Ukrainian law, and who are unable to return in safe and durable conditions to their country or region of origin. Member States may also apply this Decision to other persons, including to stateless persons and to nationals of third countries other than Ukraine, who were residing legally in Ukraine and who are unable to return in safe and durable conditions to their country or region of origin

    See more here

What should I do when I arrive in Ireland?

Upon arrival in Ireland you should be able to register under temporary protection and apply for a PPS number and social welfare payment at Ukraine support hub.

What supports am I entitled to? 

If you are a Ukrainian citizen or if you are fleeing Ukraine and are covered by the Directive, the Government of Ireland will provide support and services to assist you as you establish yourself in Ireland. You will be entitled to work, rent support (details still unclear) and social welfare. You will also be able to get the same healthcare services as people who live in Ireland. See health service notice 

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I have accommodation that I would like to offer Ukrainian refugees? 

Please contact the Irish Red Cross or Helping Irish Hosts

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Updated: 15 December 2022