I am Ukrainian, do I need a visa to travel to Ireland?

On the 25 February the Irish government waived the requirement that Ukrainian people need a visa to travel to Ireland.

The Government stated that people who are considering leaving Ukraine and travelling to Ireland can come to Ireland without a visa.

The Government stated that those who travel to Ireland without a visa during this period will then have 90 days after arrival to regularise their position. This position will be kept under ongoing review with the impact monitored closely.

This statement is available here.

What if I am Ukrainian but do not have a passport? 

We have received queries from Ukrainian people who do not have a passport. A passport is usually required to cross a border. We have written to the Irish government to ask what their position is for people in this situation. 

Section 11 of the Immigration Act 2004 states that: "Every person (other than a person under the age of 16 years) landing in the State shall be in possession of a valid passport or other equivalent document, issued by or on behalf of an authority recognised by the Government, which establishes his or her identity and nationality to the satisfaction of an immigration officer. Based on this, a child under 16 that does not have a passport can enter Ireland. It would be important for the parents of the child to establish the child's identify and the fact that they are the parent of the child. 

The Irish government's own FAQ states that all immigration services and airlines must be satisfied as to the identity of a person presenting at a border. It states 'a pragmatic and humane approach will be taken while maintaining appropriate immigration and security controls'.

Airlines have been asked to accept Government issued identity documents, not usually acceptable for international travel, in lieu of a national passport: including, for example, National ID Cards, Birth Certificates, Internal Passports and expired passports.

What if I have lived in Ukraine but am not Ukrainian?

The visa waiver only applies to Ukrainian nationals. 

If you were living in Ukraine, and you are not a Ukrainian national and from a visa-required country, you may need to apply for a visa online through the Department of Justice. Details are available here. It may also be possible to come to Ireland without a visa, it might be helpful to contact the Border Management Unit at [email protected]. You could also try coming to Ireland by presenting your Ukrainian residency card at the airport, however we are unsure the likelihood of success. 

You are eligible for temporary protection if you are the family member of a Ukrainian national (spouse, partner etc), a refugee or a stateless person in Ukraine. Long-term residents, who cannot safely return to their country of origin​ are also eligible for temporary protection.

How do I apply for asylum in Ireland?

You can apply for international protection in Ireland. As stated below, we recommend that you get legal advice before applying for protection. It may not be necessary to apply for international protection as you will be entitled to temporary protection. 

What if I have passed through another EU country on my way to Ireland? 

The Dublin III Regulation is a mechanism for determining which European Union country is responsible for examining an application for international protection (asylum).