The Irish Refugee Council published this report in order to review the events that have taken place since 29th June 2010 when the Reception and Integration Agency issued letters to all the single residents at Mosney, Co. Meath, requiring them to move to Hatch Hall in Dublin. In the absence of any indication from the Department of Justice and the Reception and Integration Agency that they are willing to engage in consultation and given the lack of response to all the very serious issues raised at various stages, not least the right to privacy and the welfare of children, the Irish Refugee Council believes that it is left with no alternative but to publish information regarding the events over the last 5 months (July - December 2010). Throughout, the Irish Refugee Council has endeavoured to factually report what has taken place at Mosney Accommodation Centre. In doing so, we would hope to shine a light on the courageous action of the residents at Mosney Accommodation Centre, past and present. They have opened up the debate about the asylum system in Ireland, not least the system of Direct Provision.

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