This report is a joint submission by the Irish Refugee Council and Doras Luimní on the draft report of Ireland’s Third National Report to the United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR). This submission raises concerns in relation to the law, policy and practice of the Irish government in relation to people seeking international protection, recognised refugees and migrants. Key areas of concern identified were the right to work and the self-determination of those seeking asylum; health concerns for people living in Direct Provision, in particular the impact on mental health; impediments to full enjoyment of the right to education for asylum seeker children; right to support for migrant women affected by domestic violence; limited supports available for exploited migrant workers; closure of the Office of the Minister for Integration and the downgrading of the work of integration from a Minister of State portfolio to an administrative office, now known as the Office for The Promotion of Migrant Integration; and access to social protection for migrants.

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