Lives in Limbo

Irish Times series documenting life inside Ireland's Direct Provision system for sixteen people seeking asylum which considers issues such as childhood, parenting, mental health, access to education, employment and welfare as well as the transition out of the Direct Provision system into the community - see full series here

The Outsiders - Our Teenage Life Behind Bars

A radio documentary made by two thirteen year old girls living in Direct Provision - see more here.

Leaving Limbo

Natasha (L) with Minahil.

TV Documentary following two young women Natasha and Minahil doing their Leaving Cert while living in Direct Provision - see more here

15 years of Direct Provision

Archive of materials on Ireland’s reception system, Direct Provision - see more here.


Short radio Documentary, Episode no. 4 - Ellie’s story of seeking protection in Ireland. 

Burden of Proof

A short animated film about the reality of having to flee your country and the asylum process in Ireland 

Newspaper and report clippings over the years