Fundraising ideas: organising your content

To make it easy for supporters to sign up as fundraisers after reading this page, it’s worth including a link or even a call-to-action button to ‘Set up a fundraising page’, or to your major appeals. Supporters can only raise funds for a specific appeal that exists on your site (even if it’s just a general one), so make sure you have at least one!

Content tips

Supporters often want to fundraise but are not sure how. By listing a wide range of potential activities – from selling homemade lemonade to running a marathon, or asking for donations instead of birthday/wedding gifts – you make it easy for them to support you.

<blockquote>You could use the ‘blockquote’ style to include quotes from previous fundraisers.</blockquote>

Use conversational language and try to paint a picture to inspire supporters (“Imagine bursting (or staggering!) over the finish line, knowing you have helped build a new life for refugees...”). Appeal to the fact that everybody has a passion, a skill or a hobby they could use.

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