Around the world Community Sponsorship has been enriching and rewarding for both communities and refugees. It enables communities to play an active role in welcoming refugees, by providing direct support such as housing and integration support. The Irish Government committed in 2017 to developing community sponsorship and the first family arrived in December 2018. See the RTE story about this family here.

What is it?

Community Sponsorship is carried out by a core Community Sponsor Group – for example, neighbours, friends, colleagues, or members of a local sports club – who organise to provide both financial and in-kind support as well as social, orientation and administrative support as needed to refugees resettled in the local community. The supports include meeting people at the airport; providing a warm welcome and cultural orientation; housing; supporting access to medical and social services; English language tuition; and support towards employment and self-sufficiency.

How can we get involved?

The Irish Refugee Council is a ‘Regional Support Organisation’ (RSO). This means that we can help provide support to communities who are interested in sponsoring a refugee family. The Red Cross and Nasc are also RSOs and can provide assistance.

Email Rory O'Neill if wish to learn more, have questions or need help in preparing an application.

Email Rory


Information about the Programme and how to apply can also be found on the Office for the Promotion of Migrant Integration’s website,

Application form and accompanying documents

  1. Short guide to Community Sponsorship
  2. Community Sponsorship Policy Framework
  3. A Guide for Prospective Sponsorship
  4. Community Sponsorship Application Form
  5. Guidance for Sponsors’ Settlement Planning
  6. Settlement Plan Template