The Business and Entrepreneur Incubator Project supports people in establishing businesses in Ireland by recognising the skills and entrepreneurial expertise that people bring with them. Business incubation supports the start-up and early stage of new business ventures by providing them with the training, support, intensive resources and a development environment in which they can flourish. 


A key part of this journey is the provision of training - which is being developed as an online platform called VIFRE. The VIFRE platform is currently a beta version of an online business incubator that is being developed to offer entrepreneurship education specifically for refugees in Europe. The project is funded by Erasmus+ and aims at developing a digital incubator for those who who would like to develop their business in hosting countries. Academic institutions and NGOs in Ireland, France and Germany, are also involved. The final objective of this three-year European project is the development of an open access digital incubator with MOOCs and various additional contents.

The platform consists of three main parts:
  • A welcome package that presents the different programs (cultural and entrepreneurial) existing in the three countries,
  • A legal advice section that helps you to discover the legal obligations in the three countries and 
  • A large pedagogical content that will help you to start, design and develop your entrepreneurial idea.

The pedagogical content is available in four different languages: English, French, German and Arabic. 

The trans-national NGO partners in the project are the Irish Refugee Council, SINGA France and the Institute for SocialPedagogic Research Mainz (Germany). The academic partners are the Dublin Business School, the Paris School of Business (France) and the University of Bremen (Germany).