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Press release: ‘30 Years 30 Voices: The Power of Protection’, new Irish Refugee Council book launched on World Refugee Day, reflecting on the power of protection in Ireland over three decades

On World Refugee Day 2023 the Irish Refugee Council launch a book titled ‘30 Years, 30 Voices: The Power of Protection’.

The 30 Voices featured in the book include refugees, people in the protection process, staff, supporters, and trustees. The voices reflect on the fortitude of people who have experienced the process and the power of refugee protection. The voices also reflect on the Irish Refugee Council’s work over the last 30 years. The Irish Refugee Council movement existed since the early 1990s and the organisation became a registered entity in 1992.

The book launch, this evening the 20 June at 6pm-8pm, at Smock Alley Theatre, is supported and sponsored by A&L Goodbody. The book was designed pro bono by Media Monks. Portraits were taken by photographer Ala Buisir.

Wendy Muperi, Communications Officer for the Irish Refugee Council and coordinator of the 30 Voices project, said:

“With each voice, you appreciate how the international protection system has evolved in the last three decades and its impact on those who have experienced it. We also hope, in challenging times, that this book helps in humanising the issues and statistics we see and hear, that is serves as an appreciation of the work devoted towards developing the legal and physical infrastructure that exists, and a reminder of the different reasons why people seek protection.

“The launch of this book coincides with World Refugee Day 2023, which is running under the theme, ‘Hope away from home: A world where refugees are always included’. Reflecting this year’s theme, the book is also a celebration of, the resilience and contribution of those forced to start afresh in Ireland; the protection given by the State, and the support from communities across Ireland, the Irish Refugee Council staff and former staff in helping refugees rebuild their lives here. Further, it serves as a call to learn and reflect on the journey travelled and how we can all continue working together to turn the hope of those finding safety here into a better reality.”

Doireann Breathnach, Chair of the Board of trustees of the Irish Refugee Council stated:

“The Irish Refugee Council has been fighting for better treatment of people seeking protection from war and violence for over 30 years. Our organisation has been a leading voice in demanding that we, as a country, live up to our legal obligations to treat the most vulnerable among us with the dignity and respect that every human is legally and morally entitled to. We have stepped up to provide services where the State has failed to meet them, and challenged and encouraged the Government when systemic change was needed. In these troubled times, the role of the Irish Refugee Council has never been more important. This book provides a sample of the incredibly special and passionate group of individuals, employees, partners, friends, supporters, and volunteers who have come together to be on the right side of history for this generation. Most of all, it honours those who the Irish Refugee Council serves, some of whom have since gone on to serve others in their turn.”

Notes for editors:

  • 30 Years 30 Voices: The Power of Protection’ is available here.
  • Media Monks provided pro bono design and editing of the book.
  • A&L Goodbody supported the book launch and have a long standing partnership with the Irish Refugee Council providing legal advice to people seeking protection in Ireland.
  • Ala Buisir is a photographer, journalist and artist who took the portraits.

For further information or comments, contact:

Nick Henderson (CEO) [email protected] 

Wendy Muperi (Communications Officer) [email protected]

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