Irish Refugee Council Data Protection Consent Request

Posted On: 13 December 2018

Have you read our GDPR Consent Form?

Please fill out and submit this form to update your records with us. Option 1 – 4 are the different types of consent that you can give us.

If you do not wish to consent please tick the last box only and we will delete all of your information from our database.


Data Protection Policy Read:

Consent to store information:

Consent to share info for referral:

Consent to share information with DoJ:

GDPR Consent Not Given:

What does ‘Consent to store information’ mean?

It is necessary for the Irish Refugee Council, in its work supporting you and protecting and advancing your interests in relation to your asylum application / general casework, to keep data relating to you. We also record when and how we help you. For example that we gave you information and advice on a particular subject on a particular day.

Your information is stored on folders on our computers that are password protected. It is also stored on a database called Salesforce that is password protected. It is also stored in paper format in locked filing cabinets.

What does ‘Consent to share info for referral’ mean?

Everything you tell us will be treated confidentially, however we may suggest that you go to another organisation for advice or support because they will be better able to help you with all or part of your needs.  We are able to refer you to them and help get you an appointment. Ideally we would also give them the information you have given us. If you give consent, with your permission, you are agreeing that we may refer you to other local service  providers; make appointments with other advice providers on your behalf; share your personal information with other service providers so that they have initial information about you and your possible needs.

What does ‘Consent to share information with DoJ’ mean?

It may also be necessary for us to make submissions, statements, representations to the Department of Justice (DoJ) to further your application for protection/family reunification/etc. You will be asked to give specific consent to us to share this data.

What does ‘GDPR Consent Not Given’ mean?

Your personal data belongs to you alone and we can only use your data when you give us explicit consent. If you chose this option we will delete all of your information and files from our systems.

What is GDPR?