The Irish Government have announced a scheme which will enable up to 17,000 people living in Ireland to regularise their status. Successful applicants will be granted Stamp 4 residence for a period of two years, which includes immediate access to the labour market.

The scheme, which will include an appeals process, should open in January 2022 for a 6-month period.

It will be open to two separate categories of applicants: Long-term undocumented people and International Protection applicants. People on deportation orders or in the Section 3 process will also be able to apply, as long as they fulfil the residency requirements.

Long-term Undocumented people

  • Will need 4 years residence in the State without an immigration permission on the date the Scheme opens for applications (or 3 years in the case of those with children)
  • The application will cost 700 euro for a family and 500 euro for an individual

International Protection Applicants

  • Must be in the protection process for a minimum of 2 years prior to the opening date of the Scheme
  • Details for this strand are still being finalised; however, we understand that International Protection applicants should be exempt from paying the application fee and should also be permitted to stay in the international protection process while applying under the undocumented scheme. In other words, the protection application would not have to be withdrawn. We await confirmation of this from government.
  • Please note that those regularised under the scheme will not be granted a right to family reunification for eligible family members, unlike those who are granted refugee status or subsidiary protection through the asylum process. Those who are successful under the scheme, will be subject to the rules laid out in the non-EEA family reunification policy document.

The application process

  • the application process will be entirely online
  • Documentation, to show your identity and prove you meet the residency requirements will have to be provided in support of your application. 

Further information of the scheme

The scheme is not yet open for applications and here at the Irish Refugee Council, we do not have further information on the scheme for now. Please follow our social media accounts to keep track of any updates that may emerge.  If you have any questions now or as things develop please get in touch.

Our helpline 01 7645854 is open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 10am-1pm and 2pm-4pm.

Alternatively, please email [email protected]

Updated: 14 December 2021