Scheme to Clear Asylum Backlog

Over 5,000 postcards were sent to the Minister with the last delivery being made on the 18 December 2015. Many thanks to everyone who got behind this campaign. DP_Postcard_birds_Front

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The IRC and Doras Luimní are asking for people in the asylum backlog to have their cases resolved in a one-off scheme that will draw a line under a system that has left people languishing for years.

It is widely acknowledged that the international protection system in Ireland, unique in the EU, has led to severe delays in the processing of applications and appeals for refugee status, subsidiary protection and leave to remain. With the introduction of a Single Procedure to rectify this, what of the people let down by the current asylum system?

This proposed one off scheme sets out the different categories that people fall under, and how and why each of them should be included in a scheme to grant them some form of status in Ireland as soon as possible.

Whilst preparations are made to bring in a new protection system to try to avoid delays occurring again, with the harm that is caused by being forced to live in idleness and dependent upon the state, people in the system now need to know that the end of this prolonged nightmare is in sight. That can only be done by those still in the system being given decisions that allow them to remain in Ireland and to get on with their lives.

To do anything else would be a denial of the damage that has been caused to them and would put the blame on them for a system they did not create. It is time to face up to the reality that we have to draw a line under the old system before bringing in the new.