Young people celebrate World Refugee Week by giving back

Posted On: 14 June 2015

UntitledMedia Release, 14th June 2015

To start off World Refugee Week on Monday 15th June,  the Irish Refugee Council and the European Youth in Migration Forum (EYMF) will launch ‘My Comment Number 6’ – a child friendly booklet and video guide to the Committee on the Rights of the Child General Comment Number 6 on the treatment of unaccompanied and separated children outside their country of origin’. It is a timely launch as Ireland will appear before the Committee to defend and showcase Ireland’s progress implementing the Convention on the Rights of the Child in January 2016.

Cyndi, a founder of EYMF said, “This is the first child friendly guide of any General Comment of the Committee on the Rights of the Child. We got together last summer and studied hard and then held a summer camp at UCD where we taught other young people about Comment Number 6. This is the result of our learning and work.”

Hossin, another founding member of EYMF, went on to say, “We have a lot of experience between us as a group and we want to share the learning and knowledge from our own experiences of seeking asylum with other young people so that they know and understand their rights. That is why we came together as EYMF.”

Sophie Magennis, Head of Office UNHCR Ireland, said, “Information is critical for unaccompanied and separated children on the move. The booklet and video produced by young people for young people are excellent and will help other young people who find themselves alone in Ireland or other countries. “

Young refugees and asylum seekers involved in the project will speak at the launch alongside Sophie Magennis, Head of Office, UNHCR Ireland, and Professor Bryan Fanning of the School of Applied Social Science of University College Dublin. This official public launch will be followed by a celebration on Thursday 18th June at the Cobblestone in Smithfield, where members of EYMF will perform with other Irish acts including The Mariannes, Handsome Handsome and Grainne Hunt.





Caroline Reid, Communications Officer, 085 858 5510

Samantha Arnold, Children and Young Persons’ Officer and Cyndi and Hossin, members of EYMF, will be available for interview.


‘My Comment Number 6’

Sober Sessions and Irish Refugee Council Gig, 18th June at 7.30pm, the Cobblestone, Smithfield.

 EYMF are a group of young people from all over the world living here in Ireland who are passionate about the welfare of children in migration within Europe and who wish to make information about children’s rights accessible to children.

The IRC works to promote best practices for the protection of the rights of children and young people, including separated children, at a national level through awareness raising, policy development, networking and advocacy.

Separated children are defined as children under 18 years of age who are outside their country of origin and separated from both parents, or their previous legal/customary primary caregiver.  The IRC acts on the Steering Committee and Irish focal point with the Separated Children in Europe Programme (SCEP).

In 2014, the IRC organised a summer camp which was hosted by University College Dublin School of Applied Social Science. The camp, for young people aged 15 – 22, focused on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Committee on the Rights of the Child General Comment No. 6 ‘Treatment of unaccompanied and separated children outside their country of origin’.

The young people learned about the United Nations framework for children’s rights and work on making a child-friendly version of Comment No. 6.  This has never been done before. The camp was facilitated by the IRC youth group, the European Youth in Migration Forum.