Working Group Report on the Protection Process: Missed Opportunities

Posted On: 4 October 2015

On 30 June 2015, the Report of the Working Group on the Protection Process on Improvements to the Protection Process, including Direct Provision and Supports to Asylum Seekers was published.

The dominant theme of the report, leading to 173 recommendations, was the length of time that people are in the asylum system including Direct Provision. Despite this, and the expressed intention of taking into account the views of asylum seekers themselves, the Working Group failed in three related ways: firstly, by refusing to analyse the reasons why the system takes so long; secondly, by not having due regard to the clearly articulated views of asylum seekers about the impact and implications of poor decisions on their claims; and thirdly, by missing an opportunity to place a cap on the length of time spent in any reception system.

The IRC has prepared two articles which address all of these. The first is based upon the views of asylum seekers as set out in Appendix 3 of the Working Group report. The second is based primarily upon the report but also takes into account Working Group documents which demonstrate the thinking behind the final report. They are offered as part of a debate which has yet to take place, in either a public or political forum, about the Working Group report or what a fair and transparent asylum system should look like.

The Working Group and the time factor: a missed opportunity

What asylum seekers told the Working Group about the length of time and the decision making system

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