Time for politicians to get serious about the rights of asylum seekers and refugees

Posted On: 2 February 2016

Members of the Irish public gathered on Sandymount Strand on Sunday the 13th of September 2015 in solidarity with people in need of international protection. Together they sent the message "Refugees Welcome". This action was organised by a colaition of Irish NGOs and associations who have come together in response to the humanitarian crisis which has seen the largest number of displaced people since World War II.

In the 2016 General Election candidates will be asking for you to vote for them. This is your opportunity to make it clear to them what you want to be done by an Irish government in your name. These toolkits set out some key issues for those who support asylum seekers and refugees to raise with canvassing TDs. It contains questions for candidates intended to open up the discussion, basic facts and the commitments needed if Ireland is serious about providing a safe haven for refugees.

For people seeking asylum (‘international protection’), there are two overriding issues: safe and legal access into a country and protection during the assessment of their application. For those who come with refugee status or who are accepted as refugees during the protection process, among the most important are access to employment and the ability to be reunited with family as soon as possible. All of these areas are in need of reform and any government or politician who is serious about refugees should know about them and be willing to commit to bringing about the change that is needed.

We need to start holding our representatives to account.

#GE16 #EndDP #RefugeesWelcome

Download the Protection & reception toolkit

Download the The rights of refugees toolkit

Download the Safe and legal access toolkit