The Irish Refugee Council will continue to advocate for an end to Direct Provision

Posted On: 14 October 2014

Flag_Draft copyMedia Statement, 14 October 2014

The Irish Refugee Council welcomes the establishment of the new working group which will examine and make proposals for changes to the international protection system in Ireland, including the reception system that has become known as Direct Provision.

“Sue Conlan, CEO of the IRC said, “We will be advocating for an international protection system that Ireland can be proud of, one that meets the needs of and supports all the people who find themselves seeking protection in Ireland and therefore reduces both the human and the financial cost”

She went on to say, “We will also be advocating for an end to the current system of reception, a system which has been highlighted by asylum seekers, cross party TDs and a number of high level officials, including the former Ombudsman for Children, Emily Logan, as unacceptable.”

Reuben Hambakachere, a former resident of the Direct Provision system who will be a member of the working group said, “My family spent eight years in the system and having made the transition out of DP with my wife and three children, I know first-hand that we need a protection system that is more responsive to the needs of refugees.  We also need to draw a line under the Direct Provision system and work towards an alternative that particularly has the best interests of children at its core.”

“I believe this is the opportune time for those who have been voiceless to be finally heard and influence policy on matters affecting their day to day lives. We appreciate the recognition and willingness of the new ministers in allowing us to participate in this historic forum paving a way for a better policy on how asylum seekers and refugees are treated in Ireland”, Hambakachere added.




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Notes to the Editor:

Sue Conlan and Reuben Hambakachere are available for interview

Children should not grow up in direct provision, says Logan, Irish Times, 2 September 2014.

Oireachtas debate on Direct Provision Tues 30th Sept and Wed 1st Oct 2014: and here: