SSGT Small Grants Programme for Direct Provision Centres

Posted On: 14 July 2014

The Trust recognises the severe disadvantages and poverty of opportunity experienced by families in Direct Provision Centres in the Republic of Ireland. We are seeking applications from organisations local to the Centres that will support residents to participate in community and sporting activities that will improve their quality of life, assist integration and build bridges with the community in which they are living. The Trust will pay the direct costs of the activities only.

The application form is available here. The deadline for receipt of applications is Friday 26th September.

We encourage applicants to contact us before completing the application form to ensure the project meets the Trust’s criteria. Orla O’Neill will be happy to talk through your potential application and give advice on the type of projects and organisations which the Trustees will support.

We receive many more applications than we can support, and we examine each to assess the likelihood of it making a difference within your area of work. Assessment examines the following:

1. Does the proposal meet the criteria as set out above – how does it rate in terms of: including a policy element; developing fresh thinking and analysis of issues; addressing ‘harder’, critical issues; building individual or organisational leadership; prompting invention and analysis; building institutional linkages and leaving some form of legacy, however small. We understand projects are unlikely to meet all these criteria.

2. What are the project objectives

3. How the objectives will be measured

4. Breakdown of the project costs

5. What is your long term funding strategy

6. Measurable outputs

7. Evidence of inclusion of beneficiaries in the design of the organisation’s services / projects.

How to Apply

1. Check the guidelines carefully to ensure you are eligible.

2. Fill out the appropriate application form.

3. Save As: Save a copy of the application form using your organisation name as the name of the document.

4. Email the document to: by the deadline date.