Provide humanitarian support for refugees in Hungary

Posted On: 17 September 2015

Thank you very much for your messages of support and for working on the donation for the refugees. At the moment the asylum seekers are gathering in front of the so-called transit-zones and there is little assistance available there. We are working on extending our capacities to provide information and legal aid there so assist asylum seekers in Roszke, the transit-zone. We are closely following the situation through our colleagues and once the donation drive is over, we will be able to advise how best this could be used.

Bakonyi Anik,  Hungarian Helsinki Committee

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The IRC is liaising through the Hungarian Helsinki Committee to raise much needed funds to provide humanitarian supplies to address the needs of refugees in Hungary. This will be by means of funds taken to Hungary before the end of September which will be spent on necessary humanitarian supplies in coordination with volunteer groups on the ground. Financial donations enable us to respond rapidly to address where the needs are greatest.  The situation is changing rapidly on the ground but it is a vital crossing point in to the EU after long and sometimes treacherous journeys.


We will make sure that every Euro is spent on exactly what is needed to improve the conditions of refugees in Hungary.