IRC and NAYD are teaming up to raise some funds!

Posted On: 11 August 2015

This year the National Youth Theatre cast are performing Carmel Winter’s play, Salt Mountain, a new play commissioned by The Abbey Theatre for the National Youth Theatre. Salt Mountain is a powerful epic about a people cast out of their lands by war, and pulled together by their efforts to survive it.

Today the number of people displaced by war and conflict has surpassed what we witnessed during World War II, making this play both timely and relevant.

The National Association for Youth Drama (NAYD) have kindly offered to donate some of the proceeds from their ticket sales for the National Youth Theatre  performance on Thursday 27th August to the Irish Refugee Council. Sue Conlan, CEO of the Irish Refugee Council, will give a brief talk on the night of the 27th about the reality of displacement and the humanitarian crisis that many EU countries are facing as a result.

A portion of the sales from each ticket bought for Thursday 27th will be donated to the IRC (when booking online be sure to select the option that mentions the Irish Refugee Council or if booking over the phone remember to say that it is a booking via the Irish Refugee Council). You can book a ticket here.

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