IRC Christmas Appeal 2015

Are you wondering what you can do to show your support and solidarity with refugees and asylum seekers in this time of great need?

Please consider making a donation to the Irish Refugee Council to enable us to keep our doors open to serve those coming to Ireland fleeing persecution and serious harm.

In 2015, the Irish Refugee Council directly supported over 2,000 people. We support refugees and asylum seekers to access information, services and legal advice and even legal representation. The IRC also worked with a number of members of the community, including children and young people, to provide, information, support and confidence and skills building to empower refugees and asylum seekers to be leaders in their communities. These groups include: mothers in direct provision, people transitioning out of direct provision to start their new lives as refugees and residents of Ireland, separated children and young people who come to Ireland to seek protection on their own and children living with families in direct provision. A lot of resources have also gone towards reuniting families separated by war. Help us ensure more families spend the holidays together in 2016. 

So what can you do?

Choose one of our great initiatives and donate today! Give the gift of solidarity to yourself, your friends, your colleagues or your family this Christmas.

Support our work with young people including our Independent Advocacy Programme, our youth group, the European Youth in Migration Forum and their Youth Café!

These programmes provide support, information, mentorship, peer mentorship and empower young people. There are no other programmes like this in Ireland.

Support our Independent Law Centre and Information and Referral Service

These programmes provide crucial legal and non-legal advice, information and support for those seeking protection in Ireland. There are no other programmes like this in Ireland.

Support our empowerment and campaign work for those affected by direct provision.

This campaign seeks to work with those with experience of direct provision to advocate to #ENDDP

BxiN2hsb_400x400Want to inspire your friends to do the same? Why not set up your own Christmas appeal using iDonate?


This is an essential call for funding. The IRC is already at reduced capacity going into 2016, a time when our services are needed more than ever.