Interpreter Training Programme

The Irish Refugee Council works to promote best practices in the asylum process. An important aspect of this is to pilot and demonstrate best practice models that help protect and promote the rights of refugees. In this vein, we are currently piloting a best practice model for interpreters who work on asylum cases.

Interpreters are a crucial part in the process for many asylum applicants. The Irish Refugee Council training course focuses on interpreters working in the asylum process and the role they play. The training, designed and delivered by our Resettlement Officer Hassina, includes interpreting techniques, interpreting practice, terminology used in the asylum process, and, ethics and a code of conduct. It also includes role playing, practical experience and an overview of the asylum process.

The first training programme was piloted in 2016 in Arabic and English and we are now midway through a second course in Arabic and English and our first course in French and English. Currently, 30 people are enrolled in the training programme, including four people in the asylum process and eight people with refugee status.

17 people have completed this training programme so far, 13 of whom are refugees. The people involved in the first training programme have moved on to establish an Association called Interpreters in Ireland whose members are contracted by both the IRC and SPIRASI for work on asylum related cases.

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