Law Centre

The primary aims of the Law Centre are to meet unmet legal need in a strategic manner and to promote and deliver early legal advice and representation to people in the early stages of the asylum process.


Early legal advice

In response to a clearly identified unmet legal need, a significant part of our work as a Law Centre is to provide advice to peopple in the early stage of the asylum process, in advance of their interview with the International Protection Office (previously known as ORAC).   For capacity reasons, and to ensure the quality of our services, we will be able to offer this service to a maximum of approximately 100 clients per year.

Referrals from Organisations

We will also accept referrals from organisations in relation to individuals at various stages of the asylum/refugee process where those cases may be of strategic benefit to asylum seekers in Ireland and/or where an individual is extremely vulnerable and  has difficulties in otherwise accessing legal services.

If an organisation wishes to make a referral, they can discuss this with us by contacting us on 01 764 5854 or by email at  After speaking with us, we may ask referring organisations to complete a Law Centre Referral Form.

Policy Work & Capacity Building

Arising out of our work with individual clients, we will seek to identify issues which affect asylum seekers and refugees.  We also hope to support voluntary organisations and practitioners working on behalf of refugees and asylum seekers.

Supported by

The Law Centre is funded from various sources including the European Commission under the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund 2014-2020 and by the Department of Justice and Equality.