The Irish Refugee Council's teams have helped refugees from Ukraine to come to Ireland and they have provided them with direct support as they try to find safety here.

The Irish government waived the requirement that Ukrainian people need a visa to travel to Ireland. Since the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, the Irish Refugee Council (IRC) have received more than 3,500 calls and have received and replied to more than 1,000 emails from people trying to leave Ukraine and arrive safely in Ireland. On Monday 4th of April, they launched a helpline in Ukrainian and Russian to provide further support. In the coming weeks, they will be working towards offering integration services such as housing, education and employment.

Please donate whatever you can afford:
€10 can offer direct phone and email assistance to refugees from Ukraine
€20 can help a family to reunite with their relatives from Ukraine
€50 can offer much-needed mental health support to a refugee to heal from the trauma of the invasion and war

Thank you in advance to all the Green Isle Foods' team for their contributions. You can help us support refugees from Ukraine. Make a donation now to make sure they are safe and welcome in Ireland. All donations for this appeal will be used exclusively to support Ukrainian refugees. Green Isle Foods