I'm completing the remote VHI women's mini marathon on 10th October to raise funds for the Irish Refugee Council.

The IRC’s mission is to promote and protect the rights of people seeking protection and those recognised as refugees in Ireland. Specifically you may have heard of the support they provide to those living in Direct Provision. A recent survey completed by 418 people living in direct provision had the following findings:-

* 55% of respondents felt unsafe during the period surveyed
* 50% were unable to socially distance themselves from other residents during the pandemic
* 42% shared a bedroom with a non-family member
* 46% shared a bathroom with a non-family member
* 19% of people who were working had lost employment due to the Coronavirus crisis
* 85% of respondents stated that the daily expenses allowance of €38.80 was not enough to live on

I know the IRC will be grateful for any donations you can make big or small!


Shauna x

Shauna Mcintyre