Not on Our Watch Vigil

When: Wednesday 2nd November at 7pm
Where: Dáil Eireann

“The Not On Our Watch campaign are holding a vigil outside Dáil Éireann on Wednesday 2nd November at 7pm. This vigil will take place prior to and during the Dáil debate on the Not On Our Watch campaign call for Ireland to relocate 200 unaccompanied children from the refugee camp, The Jungle, in northwest France. Ireland’s response to the unprecedented global displacement of men, women and children as a result of numerous wars has been almost non-existent. The French government recently demolished most of The Jungle however almost 1,500 children remain in precarious circumstances in the camp. The Irish government must represent the wishes of it’s people, 800 of whom last year offered to give a home to unaccompanied refugee children.

Not On Our Watch, backed by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, many NGOs including the Irish Refugee Council, the Children’s Rights Alliance, the Immigrant Council of Ireland and Sister Stan Kennedy have called on the Irish government to immediately act to help 200 of those children and relocate them to Ireland.

We are calling for people to please attend at the Dáil (Kildare Street entrance) and bring your children along. Our supporters are asking their children to make “2♥♥” signs and to hold them up for the politicians to see as they enter the Dáil for the debate. As it will be dark we also ask you to bring candles. It is important that our children know that we did not let unaccompanied refugee children down – Not On Our Watch.

Please ask your children to make 2♥♥ signs and bring your children and stand with us at the Dáil at 7pm.

We will be standing outside the Kildare Street entrance to Dáil Éireann.

#NotOnOurWatch #Take200 #BringCalaisKids

Míle buíochas”