#May14 Refugee Solidarity: Interrupting Injustices

When: Saturday, May 14
Where: Dublin, city wide

FestivalofSolidarity copyWill you interrupt for #RefugeeRights?

A series of spontaneous and creative activities will be taking place across Dublin on #May14 to mark the call for an international day of action for refugee rights.

There will be street teams throughout the city starting conversations…

There will be street art….

There will be pop up performances…

There is a call for you to add your own actions, events and creativity to this day…

Interrupt #May14 with #RefugeeSolidarity.
Interrupt #May14 to stand for #RefugeeRights.
Interrupt #May14 to support the call to #EndDP.
Interrupt #May14 to say no to #EUCriminality.


To interrupt the logic which sees people drowning in the Mediterranean.

To interrupt undemocratic backroom deals, such as the EU-Turkey deal.

To interrupt our governments reneging on basic human rights.

To interrupt the state institution of Direct Provision.

Watch this space for call outs for volunteers. More TBA very soon.

Join the event page to keep up-to-date on what will be happening!