Irish Premiere Screening of Warehoused – The Forgotten Refugees of Dadaab

When: Thursday 22nd June at 6pm
Where: The Science gallery Dublin

To mark World Refugee Week 2017, Amnesty Ireland and the Irish Refugee Council in association with the Science Gallery Dublin are hosting the Irish Premiere of Warehoused on Thursday 22nd June.

Warehoused sheds light on the daily life and unique challenges of refugees across the globe through a glimpse at life in Dadaab, Kenya, one of the largest refugee camps in the world. We see the camp’s inner workings through one man’s journey and the stories of several people as they try to carve out an existence in storage, a story that has been repeating itself all over the globe for centuries. Warehoused explores realities such as the protracted length of time people are spending in camps, the long road to resettlement and being reunited with family, and finding not only identity but a sense of place.

The term “warehoused” refers to asylum seekers trapped in border camps for five years or more without the right to work, generate income, move freely, or choose their place of residence.

To find out more about the current situation in Kenya please visit Amnesty Ireland’s website.

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