Astral – Free Film Screening

When: Wednesday 14 March 2018
Where: Robert Emmet Lecture Theatre, Arts Block, Trinity College Dublin

On Wednesday 14 March there will be a free screening of the documentary Astral at Trinity College Dublin. This event is being organised by TCD’s MPhil in Race, Ethnicity, Conflict in partnership with the Irish Refugee Council and Fernando de Juan, a Dublin based film editor.

‘Astral’, a 30-meter sailboat built in the 1970s, had always been used as a luxury boat, until its owner donated it to Proactiva Open Arms. Proactiva are a non-governmental organisation based in Spain who carry out search and rescue (SAR) operations off the coast of Libya.

The documentary focuses on Spanish journalist Jordi Évole’s journey aboard this vessel as the crew prepare the boat for SAR operations and begin their mission of rescuing people from the sea.

This film offers unique insight into the reality of SAR operations, the lives saved and the hardship and danger people have escaped before reaching Europe.

“It is a very powerful film that follows a group of human beings helping other human beings who are in a very desperate and dangerous situation. The film might be in the Spanish language but its message is universal.”

~ Fernando

(Dir. Ramon Lara, Jordi Évole, 2016)

Spanish, Catalan, French with English Subtitles

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