Asylum seekers in Ireland will not benefit from measures negotiated under Irish Presidency

The Irish asylum system will not benefit from  revised EU laws on the processing of asylum claims announced by the Irish Presidency today (Wednesday, 27 March 2013) says the Irish Refugee Council .  This is because Ireland has ‘opted out’ of participating in the revised laws which  form part of the Common European Asylum System […]

Posted on: 27 March 2013

Eurostat asylum statistics for 2012

STAT/13/48 22 March 2013 Asylum in the EU27 The number of asylum applicants registered in the EU27 rose to more than 330 000 in 2012 In 2012, there were 332 000 asylum applicants1 registered in the EU27. It is estimated that around 90% of these were new applicants and around 10% were repeat applicants2. In […]

Posted on: 25 March 2013

The Human Rights, Migration and Globalization Summer School 2013

The Human Rights, Migration and Globalization Summer School 2013 8 to 12 July 2013, NUI Galway, Ireland The Summer School will familiarise participants with the sources of migrants’ rights and the available protection mechanisms. It will provide participants with an understanding of the major tensions underlying the issue of the protection of migrants’ rights and of how […]

Posted on: 22 March 2013

Decision to appeal protection case indicates that Ireland is not being realistic over need for asylum reform says Irish Refugee Council

The Irish Refugee Council has criticised a decision by the State to appeal a recent judgment of the High Court on the procedure required to decide if someone is at risk of serious harm if returned to their country. The decision could mean a delay of at least nine months and up to four and […]

Posted on: 7 March 2013