People living in Direct Provision (DP) centres lack access to kitchens. Often, they don't have the capacity and space to cook their own food and are struggling with the food they are provided with. 

At The Irish Refugee Council, we believe that eating is a Human Right. We are working to give people in DP centres access to kitchens through our “Cooking with Refugees” programme.

The programme is important in promoting mental well-being, integration into the Irish social and work cultures. 

A great team-building activity

Everybody loves food. Why not coming with your team to our offices and learn to cook new recipes with our clients? 

For two hours, your team will bond with people seeking international protection in Ireland while making delicious food. After the class, we will have lunch together. 

Once the date for the class is set up, your team will choose the menu from different recipes and then come on the day of, we take care of everything! We will work together from choosing the participants, the menu, preparing the food, dining to cleaning to tidying the kitchen up.

The cooking classes are usually at lunch time but we can accommodate them for another time if it is easier for your team.  

To learn more and see how you can participate here: 

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The Cooking with Refugees Programme is a great way to:

Support people, especially women, in the international process to reconnect with their hometowns

Promote mental health and well-being

Form connections with people from other cultures

Learn how to cook new recipes

Stimulate socialisation and integration 

Getting on Board

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