Imagine being forced to flee your home, leaving behind everything you know and love, only to find yourself without a roof over your head. This is the heartbreaking reality facing many people who are seeking asylum in Ireland. 

As of 15 May at least 475 people are currently experiencing homelessness, forced to sleep on the streets or in shelters with limited resources. They are struggling to find stability and security, while also dealing with the trauma of their displacement.

We have already supported over 350 homeless protection applicants by writing to the government to request accommodation, and in some cases, taking legal action to compel the state to meet its obligations.

Additionally, we have been raising awareness of these issues with the media and government officials. We have also worked with services and supporting community organisations in the Dublin area.  

However, our existing services are stretched thin, particularly our Drop-in Centre and helpline, which are helping more people than ever before.

We cannot do this alone and need your support.  

We need your support to continue this critical work and to try to ensure that people who seek protection in Ireland are not homeless. 

Your donation, no matter how small, can make a significant impact.