We are working hard to respond to the terrible situation in Afghanistan. 

Since the 13 August we have: 

  • Received more than 2,500 calls and more than 300 emails from Afghan people in Ireland with queries and concerns about the situation.
  • We are supporting people in making visa and family reunification applications and also giving advice and information about the asylum process in Ireland. So far we have: 
    • Submitted visa applications on behalf of 60 sponsors in Ireland, and working through a further 105.
    • With the support of pro bono partners 30 additional applications have been submitted.
  • We are also supporting newly arrived Afghan refugees in Ireland to build their new lives. This includes information and advice about:
    • Housing
    • Education
    • Life in Ireland
    • Employment
  • So far, we have supported 19 people to move into independent accommodation in the community since August 2021. 
  • In partnership with other civil society organisations we wrote to the Taoiseach calling on the Irish Government to lead in its response to the crisis. We had five calls: 
    • 1. Use unfilled resettlement places to resettle Afghan refugees 
    • 2. Increase number of humanitarian admission visas 
    • 3. Provide international protection to Afghan protection applicants 
    • 4. Fast track family reunion applications
    • 5. Ensure Afghans have access to protection
  • A copy of the letter is available here
  • We have also done various media interviews: NewstalkRTÉ Drivetime and other outlets.  

We need your support to meet the demand on our services. Your donation will be used exclusively to support funding of staff to give advice, information and support at this critical time.