Strategic Plan 2018 – 2020

Introduction by Chair of the Board, Berni Smyth

I am delighted to introduce our new Strategic Plan which will guide the direction of the organisation for the next three years. 2018 also marks our 25th year and a fitting moment to launch a new strategy to take on emerging and continuing challenges.

Through consultation with the Board, management, staff and stakeholders we have identified four objectives: to advocate for change and improvements to the lives of asylum-seekers and refugees, to assist more individuals in a variety of ways through provision of our services, to innovate and expand our integration projects and to consolidate our good governance and develop our staff.

People being forced to flee war and persecution is one of the issues of our time. Refugee protection has become increasingly complex and politicised. We believe Ireland has a unique role to play both domestically and internationally by putting refugee rights at the heart of its policies.

The Irish Refugee Council has a unique mandate and leading role in refugee protection. We are a dynamic and forward looking organisation with a committed, skilled and passionate team. This Strategic Plan also aims to support our staff in delivering a service that does justice to the people we have the honour to serve.


Our Vision & Purpose

To create a just, fair and inclusive society for people seeking asylum.

Our Values


To work tirelessly and fearlessly to fulfil our charitable mandate to assist people seeking asylum in Ireland and bring about change to improve their lives.

Human Rights

The international human rights law framework, and the fundamental right to claim asylum, is at the core of our work.


We strive to be inclusive and representative of people in the asylum process and ensuring that their voice is prioritised and amplified at all times.


We will be experts in asylum law, policy and practice in order to ensure the best services and policy outputs.


We work together with other organisations, activists and individuals for the
best interests of people seeking asylum.